Love from past students & parents

"This is such a great course!"

"I’m so grateful that my daughters had the opportunity to learn these amazing life lessons from Renae. We had so much fun at the mother/daughter nights and the photoshoot. I highly recommend this course, I wish there was one for moms!"

Cali V.

"Thank you for the lasting impact you have made on my life, Renae!"

"It has been TEN years since I was enrolled in the ‘Beautiful Inside Academy’, or seen Renae. By fate, we recently ran into one another at the Pilates studio, and she immediately remembered me."

Memories of my time in her academy began flooding my mind and how it has laid a foundation for where I am now.

I was 12 when I took the course, and still remember the core principles that Renae taught me. I learned holistic confidence and to be unapologetic in who I am which ranged from how I speak to myself, all the way to learning how to walk like a queen (yes, we practiced our posture techniques which I still use to this day). We spent time digging deep to unleash our most authentic self which I firmly believe has set the standard I hold myself to, to this day.

I am now 21 years old, graduated with a finance degree, and continuing to take bold and courageous steps to manifest my wildest dreams; after all, that’s what queens do."

Stacy S.

"Renae’s classes teach girls empowerment"

"Nurturing my daughter to become a loving, strong, independent, confident adult means the world to me. Taking part in Renae’s class has helped guide my daughter in this direction.

Renae’s classes teach the girls empowerment to wiggle out of their comfort zones as well as teach them to respect themselves and those around them. Renae includes a loving spirituality to all her teachings with grace at the centre of her messages. I love this!

My daughter at first was reluctant to start the class but now is sad it has come to an end. Renae, your heart is pure in your teachings and it shows in your emotion-filled testimonies you always share with the girls. Our lives are richer having met you. Thank you!"

Julie L.

“The heart work is truly the hard work, and doing the work has been worth it”

"I’ve been equipped with so many skills that will help me throughout my entire life. I’ve learned how to lead my life with kindness and grace, how to love and respect myself and others, to know when letting go is good, how forgiveness towards myself and others is liberating, how to be confident in myself, how to turn a sour conversation around by asking questions, how to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the messages of the world, how to reject the lies and receive the truth, and so much more.

I now understand how to get to the heart of the problems I’m facing. I think this class would be more than beneficial for any girls willing to put in the work. The heart work is truly the hard work, and doing the work has been so worth it. I refuse to forget what I’ve learned and accepted the call to wear a crown. I’ve learned to be a Queen rather than a puppet on a string.

I know how important my voice is. I know that I am loved and important and irreplaceable. Thank you is simply not enough! Renae is a beautiful person with a beautiful message and purpose."

Megan P.

“Helping girls grow into confident, courageous young women who respect people”

"I am so grateful that there are people like Renae in this world. Her passion to help girls grow into confident, courageous young women who respect people around them is so refreshing. Renae is able to speak to the hearts of girls and draw out the beauty that is inside each one of us.

Thank you so much, Renae, for your transparency and your time."

Marilee T.