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Love from Past Students and Parents

It has been TEN years since I was enrolled in the ‘Beautiful Inside Academy’, or seen Renae. By fate, we recently ran into one another at the Pilates studio, and she immediately remembered me.

Memories of my time in her academy began flooding my mind and how it has laid a foundation for where I am now.

A Lasting Impact | Coaching for Teen Girls


I was 12 when I took the course, and still remember the core principles that Renae taught me. I learned holistic confidence and to be unapologetic in who I am which ranged from how I speak to myself, all the way to learning how to walk like a queen (yes, we practiced our posture techniques which I still use to this day). We spent time digging deep to unleash our most authentic self which I firmly believe has set the standard I hold myself to, to this day.

I am now 21 years old, graduated with a finance degree, and continuing to take bold and courageous steps to manifest my wildest dreams; after all, that’s what queens do.

Thank you for the lasting impact you have made on my life, Renae!

Stacy S. - December 2018

This is such a great course!

This is such a great course! I’m so grateful that my daughters had the opportunity to learn these amazing life lessons from Renae. We had so much fun at the mother/daughter nights and the photo shoot. I highly recommend this course, I wish there was one for moms!

Cali V.

July 23, 2018

Beautiful from the Inside Out Empowers Girls!

Renae has been reaching out to girls in our community as a source of encouragement for over a decade. She is very passionate to inspire girls to be confident, self-reliant, independent and strong. Beautiful From The Inside Out empowers girls through activities to boost their self-esteem and teaches them to express themselves articulately to build charisma so that they can claim a leadership role. Renae provides a safe environment for girls to discuss everyday challenges at school and on social media. She teaches how to set boundaries, command respect and to embrace your authentic self. It is truly amazing and emotional to watch each girl transform and share their stories. We will forever be grateful for the impact Renae has made on our daughters and for teaching them how to tackle life’s challenges and live a more productive life on their terms. Thank you from the Beste’s.

Susanne B.

July 4, 2018

Our Lives are Richer Having Met You.

Nurturing my daughter to become a loving, strong, independent, confident adult means the world to me. Taking part in Renae’s class has helped guide my daughter in this direction. Renae’s classes teach the girls empowerment to wiggle out of their comfort zones as well as teaches them to respect themselves and those around them. Renae includes a loving spirituality to all her teachings with grace at the centre of her messages. I love this! My daughter at first was reluctant to start the class but now is sad it has come to an end. Renae, your heart is pure in your teachings and it shows in your emotion-filled testimonies you always share with the girls. Our lives are richer having met you. Thank you!

Julie L.

May 3, 2018

This was a Great Class!

I highly recommend this class to those girls out there who want a confidence booster. After taking this class I feel more like I know who I am and what kind of person I want to become. This was a great class!! ? ? ? THANK YOU

Maren P.

April 27, 2018

This Class has Truly Been a Blessing!

I’ve been equipped with so many skills that will help me throughout my entire life. I’ve learned how to lead my life with kindness and grace, how to love and respect myself and others, to know when letting go is good, how forgiveness towards myself and others is liberating, how to be confident in myself, how to turn a sour conversation around by asking questions, how to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the messages of the world, how to reject the lies and receive the truth, and so much more. I now understand how to get to the heart of the problems I’m facing. I think this class would be more than beneficial for any girls willing to put in the work. The heart work is truly the hard work, and doing the work has been so worth it. I refuse to forget what I’ve learned and accepted the call to wear a crown. I’ve learned to be a Queen rather than a puppet on a string. I know how important my voice is. I know that I am loved and important and irreplaceable. Thank you is simply not enough! Renae is a beautiful person with a beautiful message and purpose.

Megan P.

April 25, 2018

It is Well Worth the Time!

We heard about “Beauty From the Inside Out” by word of mouth, and we are so glad we did! Renae is so open and honest, and she speaks from her heart to any girl privileged to take part in this course! In this day and age, girls need to be taught about inner beauty, about self-respect and respecting others, and about how to deal with the negativity that may come their way. And the bonus is also being taught tips and tricks with make-up and hair, and getting nutrition advice! The Mother/daughter evenings were very special as well. I highly recommend anyone with daughters to register them in one of Renae’s sessions… it is well worth the time!

Melissa H.

April 17, 2018

The Heart Work is the Hard Work

Throughout the course of Beauty from the inside out, I learned many things. Renae is truly a phenomenal teacher and an amazing person herself! I would recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone! It doesn’t really matter who you are! This class helped me gain more confidence and feel good about myself. I even met one of my best friends there! I learned that you can use your heart for you and that you can speak your mind with humility and grace. You truly learn beauty from the inside out. I love Renae Peterson and she had a massive impact on who I am today. Without her, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you, Renae. I had a great time and I left that class knowing more about how to treat myself and others around me.

Renee Kochan

January 14, 2018

An Unforgettable Course

I am so thankful to have learned so much from this class!! It’s truly an experience not to be forgotten. I was taught how to love me for who I am, to not let others rule over me and much more!! After taking this class I am more confident than I ever have been and have learned that true beauty isn’t more important on the outside, but on the inside!! I will definitely continue to use these lessons in my life as long as I live. Without Renae Peterson, a very talented woman, I would not have been able to learn these life lessons. She helped me uncover the true beauty in me. Thank you SO much!!

Affia Zopoula

July 15, 2016

Much Gratitude!

Thank you so much, Renae, for taking the time to teach us! I loved learning about my true beauty! I learned so many life lessons that will help me as I grow. I wouldn’t have as much confidence as I have today!! The words thank you don’t seem to be enough, but I will try anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH RENAE!

Dylan B

July 14, 2016

Pursuing a dream . . .

I am so grateful that there are people like Renae in this world. Her passion to help girls grow into confident, courageous young women who respect people around them is so refreshing. Renae is able to speak to the hearts of girls and draw out the beauty that is inside each one of us. Thank you so much, Renae, for your transparency and your time. ?

Marilee T

June 21, 2016

Amazing Experience

I took this class twice and loved it! Renae is amazing at explaining inner beauty and how I am enough. I learned to reject the lies that were hurting me and focus on inner beauty. the photoshoot with my mom was great bonding time and the pictures turned out super cute. it was certainly a life-changing experience and I’d like to thank Renae for providing me with such a wonderful time. ?

Anneli T.

June 18, 2016

Truly Life Changing

This course honestly changed my life! And it will continue changing it, as long as I stay true to the truths that were revealed to me in this course. True beauty is rare but the sweetest kind! I learned how to find that within myself, along with many other life lessons. The knowledge I’ve gained from the beauty from the inside out course is more precious to me than any gold or diamonds I could ever possess. Truly life changing.


June 7, 2016

Word of Mouth

My sister and I were sponsored to get into this program seven years ago. Today, this remains one of the most powerful courses I have taken and is an influential experience for me. I don’t believe I would be the same person nor would I look at my surroundings the same way if I did not have the opportunity to go to this course. I only hope that more people will be given the chance to change the way they see themselves, and their lives through this amazing experience. Thank you, Renae!!

Suzannah MacDonald

February 21, 2016

This should be a requirement in school

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for Renae and the amazing work she does in this program for the girls. Our daughter became 10x stronger emotionally from it and is now blossoming in school again! Hoping one day it will be a requirement for all girls in jr high!! Thank you, Renae, for the time, thought and love you put into every girl who attends!!


February 12, 2016

I Loved It!

I loved Beauty From The Inside Out! It was super inspiring! I very much loved it! Renae was a kind and sweet girl I loved her class. Monday’s are so different not seeing her face and smile. I miss her inspiring quotes and laugh! If I could I would come to the class again just to see Renae. The class helped me a lot! I feel confident and happy now! Thank you, Renae!


December 23, 2015

Life Course Changing

This is what my preteen daughter needed at this time in her life. The things she learned in Beauty from the Inside Out have changed the way she thinks about herself and others. She is a happier more confident and more grounded girl, and that will change the course of her life! New and positive doors will open for her because she is now aware of them. And some of the negative doors she has walked through before, she won’t think twice about now. Her opportunities are different and better because she thinks differently and in a more positive, more self-affirming way. Thank you, Renae!


December 16, 2015

Absolutely Inspiring

This class was absolutely amazing!! Renae explained things really well and shed some light on the topics that were more difficult to understand. Everything she said managed to touch my heart in a unique and special way! The outer beauty nights were really fun and engaging, and the lessons themselves really inspired me to try my best. THANK YOU, RENAE!

Jade N

December 15, 2015

Life Changing

I am so glad that I had the amazing opportunity to attend the beauty from the inside out course! I have learned amazing tools to help me through my life. Renae really goes all out and cares so much for each and every person that joins her class. This class was so fun and you learn so much! I will always cherish what I have learned from her and the classes!


December 15, 2015

Such a Great Experience

The graduation last night was so wonderful. It was inspiring to hear how each girl had been blessed by this course. I’m happy that my daughter was a part of this and given tools to help her throughout her life. This is an amazing course taught by a woman who shows these girls what true beauty from the inside out looks like. Thank you, Renae, for all the time you give.

Tricia Tanner

December 15, 2015