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Beautiful Inside Academy

Become a Sponsor and Change a Young Girl's Life

Give a teen girl the opportunity to be in an empowered space where honour and respect are modelled, where they can feel safe to self reflect, where the truth is exposed and the lies or limiting beliefs are challenged, where healing can happen to launch them to new levels of awareness, where true identity is celebrated, where empowering questions can be asked, where they understand it is okay to be strong and fierce, as well as full of grace and kindness.


You can provide a space for young women to reach their true excellence, a space for young women to lead with emotional intelligence, a space to grow under leadership that embodies principles and loving accountability, a space that provides our future generation to answer the call of their hearts and rise with grace to answer that call!


It costs $3,000 to enrol a young woman in the Academy’s 12-week program and you can contribute with as little as $500.

Your sponsorships will be honoured and recognized on the Academy Website and company logo on posters and graduation program as well as thank you’s and acknowledgement.

All sponsorship money goes 100% towards tuition for students.

If you have questions you'd like to discuss directly with Renae you can contact her at 403.380.0607

Renae Peterson | Teen Girl Coaching

When I started this program in 2007 I knew it was needed.


Reflecting, seeing and hearing the barrage of messages that impact the identity and self-worth of young women and young women’s understanding of their role in society has exponentially increased through social media and cultural shifts.


I see an increase in anxiety, depression, and overall confusion in how young women can stay true to themselves.


I see young women craving an understanding of the deeper truths.

I see them wanting structure and knowledge on how to communicate with themselves and others better.


Renae Peterson

Founder Beautiful Inside Academy