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Your organization looks for opportunities to give back to the community that supports you.  What better way than to positively influence future generations of young women? 

Can you imagine if you were equipped with the tools, skills and life habits it took for success right from the beginning?  What decisions would you have made differently?  Would you have had the confidence and courage to start your own business earlier?  Or know how to navigate the complex world we live in with strength as well as grace?

Beautiful Inside Academy strives to instill powerful habits and life skills, one young woman, at a time. This isn’t about fixing teens.  This is about intentional empowerment; helping good young women learn to take charge of their own success.

My work is based on the following five pillars:

  • Confidence
  • Mindset
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Inner Strength

Your Investment in Our Community

Beautiful Inside Academy works to build our community, one teen, at a time, and partners like you make that possible. It costs $2,500 to enroll a teen in our 13-week program. Many families choose to gift their daughter with this program.  Unfortunately, some families cannot afford it, although they would benefit immensely from the program.  You can make a difference in our community with as little as $500.

When you choose to become a sponsor for Beautiful Inside Academy, you will be honored and recognized on the Academy’s website with your company logo.  Also, you’ll be acknowledged on Academy posters, and on the graduation program.  During the graduation program, you will also receive a verbal acknowledgement.

All sponsorship money goes 100% towards tuition for students.

If you have questions you'd like to discuss

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Renae Peterson | Teen Girl Coaching

I started empowerment coaching for teens in 2007, long before the life coaching industry became trendy.  I love my work, and feel pleased and grateful it has made a difference for so many.


Today’s teens are navigating a more complex world than previous generations faced.  While teens in any era would have benefitted from the success habits I teach, today’s generation needs them more than ever.  The skills I instill give teens the ability to take charge of their futures in a powerful and grace-filled way.  They leave my program with a more intimate view of themselves and a stronger ability to interact with the world.


Renae Peterson

Founder Beautiful Inside Academy