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Beautiful Inside Academy

Sponsors Supporting Our Mission of Empowering Teen Girls

Our Gold Sponsors

We'd like to offer a special thank you to our Gold Sponsors for their ongoing support over the past ten years.  Their commitment to this program has fueled significant change in the lives of Lethbridge's young women.

Our Gracious Sponsors

Renae Peterson | Teen Girl Coaching

When I started this program in 2007 I knew it was needed.


Reflecting, seeing and hearing the barrage of messages that impact the identity and self-worth of young women and young women’s understanding of their role in society has exponentially increased through social media and cultural shifts.


I see an increase in anxiety, depression, and overall confusion in how young women can stay true to themselves.


I see young women craving an understanding of the deeper truths.

I see them wanting structure and knowledge on how to communicate with themselves and others better.


Renae Peterson

Founder Beautiful Inside Academy