Be the Queen of your Heart

One on One Coaching for Teen Girls

with Renae Peterson

One on One Empowerment Coaching for Teen Girls

Moms do you ever . . .

Wonder is she strong enough?

Worry about what her inside voice is telling her?

See that she struggles with confidence?

Hope she doesn't forget who she really is?

Get Anxious that she'll be taken advantage of?

Stress about if she is making good choices and decisions?

If you’re answering yes to any of these questions, I want you to know that you’re not alone and it’s what makes you a good mom. 

Growing up in this world is more complicated than ever.

Learning to be the Queen of Their Heart and ruling their emotions is a must for teen girls to navigate today.

Listen as this Mom Talks About Her Experience with One on One Coaching with Renae

My passion for working with the hearts of teen girls today stems from my own personal story and reflections of being a teenage girl.


I was a well-rounded girl, but I also got bullied. Girls were really mean to me. Nobody helped me to see the truth of the situations. I wish someone could have navigated what was happening to help me understand how to own my inner power.


My voice and truth were not honoured so much that I messed up the biggest decision of my life. I married the wrong person.


This decision altered the course of my life.  I can never take it back.

And then . . . I almost died.

I was married, with two beautiful infant children, and I got in a major car accident.

At that moment, I realized that my life was not what I dreamed of as a little girl.


It’s like God took my head and smashed it against the pavement and said, “Renae, wake up!”

I figured out that my dreams still mattered.

I figured out my truth.

I was stronger than I ever thought I could be

I was worth so much more than I ever thought

It took the wrong marriage and a nearly fatal car accident for me to learn to honour myself and that there was an easier way!

I figured out how to be the Queen of My Heart

Now, my 2 daughters are fiercely and graciously strong, kind and confident.
I’ve also worked with over a thousand teens over the last 12 years

I've helped them. . .

Be Empowered

Communicate their worth

Build strong foundations

Believe in themselves

Make Great decisions and choices

Own their truth

Set boundaries

Be totally authentic

Let their no be no and their yes be yes

Become unapologetic in their values

Be OK with having high standards

Be the Queen of their Hearts

That's what I want for your daughter too

I would love to partner with you as a mom and support you on this journey with your daughter. I also want to help strengthen her on the inside so that she will be able to stay true to herself.

The outter worls is a reflection of our inner world
The outter worls is a reflection of our inner world-2
The outter worls is a reflection of our inner world-3

It has been TEN years since I was enrolled in the ‘Beautiful Inside Academy’, or seen Renae. By fate, we recently ran into one another at the Pilates studio, and she immediately remembered me.

Memories of my time in her academy began flooding my mind and how it has laid a foundation for where I am now.

I was 12 when I took the course, and still remember the core principles that Renae taught me. I learned holistic confidence and to be unapologetic in who I am which ranged from how I speak to myself, all the way to learning how to walk like a queen (yes, we practiced our posture techniques which I still use to this day). We spent time digging deep to unleash our most authentic self which I firmly believe has set the standard I hold myself to, to this day.

I am now 21 years old, graduated with a finance degree, and continuing to take bold and courageous steps to manifest my wildest dreams; after all, that’s what queens do.

Thank you for the lasting impact you have made on my life, Renae!

Stacy S. - December 2018

Be the Queen of Your Heart 1 on 1

12 Week Coaching Program

I created this program because your daughter should have the opportunity to grow up knowing her worth from the start

It’s unnecessary for your teen to take insecurities, self-doubt and lack of self-worth into her womanhood.  It’s too painful, and it’s simply not the truth of who she is.

This program is designed to empower her in an intimate, customized way that she steps into knowing at her core that she is the Queen of her Heart.

I created Be the Queen of Your Heart as a ……. Curriculum for the Beautiful Inside Academy, and now I’ve customized it for intimate 1:1 coaching.


Here’s the thing…

Today’s teens are bombarded with all the external messages of who they should be, and if they don’t develop the strong inner-knowing of who they really are, they’ll go through their entire lives living a lie.

And they’ll always pay the price.


Imagine in Our Time Together


When a so-called friend backstabs her, she won't take it so persoanlly


When a boy tries to take it too far, she'll be able to tell him no.


She'll distance herself from friends that make her feel bad.


She'll know who she really is and who she is not, regardless of what anyone else says or does.


She'll talk to you and others with more respect.


She won't get swept up in needing to post sexy pics on Instagram just to fit in.


Her yes will be yes and her no will be no.

Not sure if this program is right for you and your daughter?

Renae has helped me so much as a mom.

It has reinforced the important lessons I have already taught my girls as well as brought to light lessons that I still needed to teach.

She imparts to them the gift of authenticity.

We can't do it alone. She gives our daughters what some of us cannot give them in the same way.

The Five Pillars of My One on One Coaching

True Inner Strength & Resiliency

Owning her Authentic Self

Making Empowering Choices & Decisions

Queenly Commuinication

Building Pure Confidence

Coaching Program Details

12-Week Program

  • 12 1:1 weekly calls so your daughter receives the consistent personalized guidance that builds upon itself week after week. (Valued at $4,000)
  • Text and email support for you and your daughter so no matter what life throws your way, you’re not alone. (Valued at $500)
  • Customized exercises to support her progress so that she practices and takes ownership of her personal growth. (Value of $500)
  • Personalized accountability so that she gets exactly what she needs as a unique individual. (Value of $300)


Three Parent Calls (1 Each Month) to always be on the same page, answer any questions and provide parental support during this time of huge transformation.

(Valued at $1,000)


Total Value: $6,300

Offered for $4,000

Payable with a $2,000 initial payment and two $1,000 monthly payments.

Are you a Beautiful Inside Academy Alumni? You will receive one on one coaching for a special Alumni price of $3,500 for the 12 week program


This is an opportunity for your daughter to build a strong foundation that changes the trajectory of her life.  Deciding to invest in Queen of Your Heart will assure that she won’t just go through life a victim of her surroundings, she’ll thrive as a Queen.


Picture her in three months . . . her REAL self. Her empowered self.

Here’s what I know. Teens that have taken my program are never the same again.

I'd love to partner with you and support you on this journey.  I want to help to bring out the natural leader that you already see in your daughter.

Let's do this together.