For you, Mom

Did you know I coach moms too?

I love helping teenaged girls grow in confidence, strength and grace! It’s been my privilege to work with more than a thousand teen girls, watching them embrace skills that will direct them toward success throughout their lives. While on that journey, I have so appreciated the chance to work with so many Moms!  You are powerful in your fierce love for your daughters and I admire you deeply. I love partnering with you!


What I have discovered, while working with daughters, is the powerful impact of Moms who embrace growth and positive change. When Moms have asked me for coaching for themselves, it has been thrilling to see the difference that can make for Moms and daughters individually, and especially for their relationship with each other.  I have observed the teen girls that are most successful in this work, and who truly internalize these skills and habits in all aspects of their lives, are the same girls who have Moms who are doing the internal work as well. So, although I started my journey focused on teen girls, what I have seen is that working with Moms is just as critical. 


Becoming your best self takes a lot of inner commitment. It means looking deeply at habits or beliefs you’ve formed that may not be serving you or your daughter. Doing that work is not only worth it for yourself, but also for your daughter. When you model healthy and productive habits, it’s like you’ve held up a road map for your daughter and pointed her to a successful life. You’ve shown her the way to become who she needs to be. I have observed that when a Mom is embracing the skills and habits I teach, her daughter is far more successful at incorporating them into her own life.  And, I have also seen that when a Mom works on herself, her relationship with her daughter becomes healthier and stronger.

Your daughter is worth all you do to help her become her best self… and you are worth it too! (1)

What if you:

  • Could get through to your daughter like never before, building the deep connection you’ve always wanted
  • Could love yourself as much as your love your daughter
  • Had the confidence to push out of your own comfort zone
  • Could let go of the fear of being judged by others
  • Explored your own full potential
  • Deepened your relationship with yourself and your daughter

How would your life be different if you embraced this kind of positive change?

If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, I’d love to talk with you!  Let’s explore whether we are a match, and how I can help you be the Mom you’ve always wanted to be.  

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If working with me seems interesting to you, I'd love to get to know you and your daughter better! Let's see if it's a fit, and talk about how we can work together to make good things happen for you.


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