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Inspiring and empowering your daughter to embrace her power, confidence and potential
Help her

become the Queen of her Heart

Lethbridge VIP Program

Wednesday’s September 22 - December 8, 2021

An incredible opportunity for your daughter that includes:

  • 13 week, in-person*, small group class. Maximum 18 girls per session
  • Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Private weekly email / phone call with Renae
  • Two mother / daughter events:
  • 13 week, in-person*, small group class. Maximum 18 girls per session
  • Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Private weekly email / phone call with Renae
  • Two mother / daughter events:
  • Luum Salon Skin Care Event. Hear from an expert about healthy skin care to last for a lifetime. Teens learn not to hide behind make-up but instead to use it to enhance their own beauty. They will also learn application techniques and color theory personalized to each participant.

  • Purely Inspired and Lifetouch Event. Moms and daughters are treated to a fun evening of bonding, as they get their hair and make-up professionally done together at Purely Inspired. Then, you will go together to Lifetouch for professional photos. The Lethbridge VIP Program includes a free photo of your daughter and one of you both together.
  • Bootlegger Event in Park Place mall. This exclusive event happens after hours so our group will have the entire Bootlegger store to ourselves. Fit experts will help your daughter learn how to choose clothes that enhance her image, and understand that dressing with respect for herself allows what’s on the inside to shine more brightly. One girl will win a pair of jeans that evening.
  • An evening with Renae just for the Moms. Learn more about how to empower your teen with truth and love in this two hour power session.

*Depending on health restrictions some of this course may be delivered online

With Renae your daughter will learn to:

Master mindsets and emotional strategies so she can successfully navigate challenges

Tackle and break the lies which threaten her understanding of herself

Come to know and trust herself, find her own voice, and then speak with authenticity, power and grace

Have the courage to dream what might be possible and go after it

Build a vision of who she wants to be, and understand how to stay aligned with it

Tap into motivation and courage to embrace opportunities ahead of her

Become willing to push her own limits

Unleash her leadership potential

The foundation of my work

My philosophy for any of the programs I offer is the same.  When I work with your daughter, I will use foundational principles, and lovingly challenge her to make them a part of who she will become.

Everything I teach to your daughter, and the way I live my own life, is based on the following five pillars.


Come to understand your intrinsic self-worth


Manage your mind and process your emotions successfully


Identify your values and learn how to always be true to them


Identify your unique purpose and learn to share your gifts with the world

Inner Strength

Develop the resiliency to be strong in the face of challenges thrown at you

When you talk to your daughter about participating . . .

Your daughter may not see the need to participate.  She wants to be independent, and with a single eye-roll, she tells you she doesn’t need any help.  The truth is she doesn’t need fixing because she is already doing great things. However, what she may not understand is that it often takes people a long time to create the habits necessary for success. It takes commitment to personal growth and intentional effort. 

Why wait for the school of hard knocks to teach these lessons?  If your daughter chooses to participate, she’ll have critical life skills available to her as she navigates some of the most important, decision-filled years of her life.

Teens, you can expect to:

  • Walk away with an inner authority
  • Have the courage to voice your opinion, even when it’s not popular
  • You will rise above the opinion of others and follow your dreams instead of becoming one of the crowd
  • Walk away knowing who you are and who you aren’t
  • Never settle for an unhealthy relationship or give up on your dreams
  • Understand the difference between your internal worth vs. external validation. You don’t need to be a slave to fads, popular opinion, or false media messages
  • Have the courage and confidence to be authentically you so you can shine as a leader and create a life of your own design

Book a free phone call with Renae to see if this is a fit for your daughter

The cost will be discussed with you during the call, as well as scholarship opportunities and payment plans.

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If you think this program would be great for your daughter, but finances might stop you, scholarship is an option.

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Beautiful Inside Academy Founder


I started empowerment coaching for teens in 2007, long before the life coaching industry became trendy.  Today’s teens are navigating a more complex world than previous generations faced. While teens in any era would have benefitted from the success habits I teach, today’s generation needs them more than ever. The skills I instill give teens the ability to take charge of their futures in a powerful and grace-filled way. They leave my program with a more intimate view of themselves and with a strong ability to interact with the world.