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Your daughter’s destiny awaits, get her ready to fully claim it

Divine Destiny for Teen Girls

North America: Wednesdays September 22 - December 8, 2021

4-6PM PT, 5-7PM MT, 7-9PM ET

Australia: Saturdays September 18 - December 18, 2021


I am inviting you to partner with me in leading your daughter to her greatness.

This is an opportunity for her to be part of a powerful 14-week Journey where your daughter will align fully with her inner power and create a vision for her future.

 I wish I had this guidance when I was growing up. Oh, the decisions I would not have made and the paths I would not have gone down if I had truly understood that bigger picture of my destiny and how to claim it confidently in the world. So many of us get to read all these amazing transformational books and work with incredible coaches later in our lives-but who would we be if we had only had this information at an earlier stage in life. This is what I am sharing with your daughter.


You will never be able to fully protect her for what life presents her, but you can get her more ready for it. Just imagine your daughter could be leaps ahead and achieving amazing outcomes in her life with the right mindset, the right knowledge and the right environment designed to help her take hold of her destiny. Most of all she will be surrounded with other amazing girls who are on a positive path to their own greatness. We all know the company your daughter keeps is pivotal to who she becomes.


In the end she will be ready to step fully into her role as a young leader, a dynamic girl who knows more of who she is and understands how she wants to show up in the world. As well as authentically and courageously going after her dreams.


The best part is  after these 14 weeks you will have that front row seat in watching your daughter  blossom into  the woman you have always imagined that she could be having all the inner tools that you wish you had at her age.


Ready for your daughter to step into her divine destiny.

Let’s meet over a connect call and see if this is a fit for you and you daughter.

Renae’s classes teach girls empowerment

"Nurturing my daughter to become a loving, strong, independent, confident adult means the world to me. Taking part in Renae’s class has helped guide my daughter in this direction.

Renae’s classes teach the girls empowerment to wiggle out of their comfort zones as well as teach them to respect themselves and those around them. Renae includes a loving spirituality to all her teachings with grace at the centre of her messages. I love this!

My daughter at first was reluctant to start the class but now is sad it has come to an end. Renae, your heart is pure in your teachings and it shows in your emotion-filled testimonies you always share with the girls. Our lives are richer having met you. Thank you!"

-Julie L.

In just 14 weeks she will have more clarity about who she is and  how she wants to show up in the world.  She will become equipped to:

Show up more empowered and confidently in life

Courageously honoring her truth and purpose

Trust herself and her voice, communicating more gracefully and powerfully as the leader she is born to be

Feel excited and motivated to go for her dreams because she has a clearer vision for the purpose of her life

Gain a greater sense of who she is and how she wants to show up in the world

More courageously embrace the opportunities ahead of her

Challenge her own limits, unleashing her full potential in the world

She will embody the character of a high value teen girl choosing and aligning with experiences and people for her highest good.

Trust her intuition and be a good decision maker

Book a free phone call with Renae to see if this is a fit for your daughter


Beautiful Inside Academy Founder


Renae Peterson is a leading and award-winning teen girl empowerment coach. Over the last 15 years through her Beautiful Inside Academy, she has guided teen girls with the inner tools, mindsets and strategies to own their worth, show up more confidently in life and how to go after their dreams.

Renae holds a Bachelor degree in nursing where she focused her studies on the emotional and physical wellbeing of women and teen girls.

She is a contributing author of in an international book titled the Teen girl Goddess as well as in the untamed soul for teen girls magazine. Renae’s work has been showcased in countless news articles, TV interviews, and in 2009 was named a Woman of Distinction, the spirit of women award.

Renae is a resident of Western Canada and the proud mother of two amazing daughters.