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Academy Schedule

  • 2 Hour Weekly Group Session
  • September 24 - December 10, 2018
  • Mondays from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • Private weekly email/phone call with Renae

VIP Bonus

  • 3 Mother/Daughter nights in conjunction with Brio Salon and Purely Inspired
  • 1 Evening of Honouring the Body through Nutrition with Cris Robinson of Purple Carrot Health Food & Wellness
  • 1 Find your Fit evening at Bootlegger in the Park Place Mall

The Foundation of Beautiful Inside Academy

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Learn about the perspective of your heart and assess its condition-getting to the heart of it

Discover what you believe in those internal places

Define the truth versus the lie


Learn how to be the ruler of your heart and what it looks like to be the Queen of your Heart.

Discover how to vigilant over your mindset and take the negative thoughts captive

Define how to not let the dark places hold you back


Learn how to manage your internal reactions and rise above the dramas of life, communicating like a queen

Understand and know how to reign as a queen in your life

Define what your heart triggers are and learn how to have grace under fire


Learn how to acquire the queenly qualities of character and develop armour of honour

Discover how to take the higher road

Define your position of Queen in your life


Learn how to connect to the queen spirit on the inside of you

Discover the Beautiful depths of who you are

Define the treasures inside of you


Learn to rise to the crown- metaphorically the call within

Discover how to let your light shine brightly sharing your heart song with the world

Define how to Ultimately live as the Queen of your Heart!

The Transformation

You will walk away with an inner authority so that you have the courage to voice your opinion - even when it’s not popular.


You will not be conquered by others opinions of you so that you don’t sell out your dreams and become a sheep blindly following the crowd.


You will walk away with a strong sense of who you are and who you are not so that you never settle for an unhealthy relationship or give up on your dreams - even when the going gets tough.


You will understand the difference between internal worth versus external validation so that you aren’t a slave to fads, popular opinion or false media messages


You will have the courage and confidence to be authentically you so that you can shine as a leader and create a life of YOUR design!

This is for you if you . . .

  • want to connect to the truth of who you are
  • don’t want to ruled by others opinions
  • want to get to the heart of it
  • are ready to be real and vulnerable
  • are ready to grow and learn
  • are ready to self-reflect
  • are ready to let go of self-limiting beliefs
  • want to learn how to Be the Queen of your Heart

This isn't for you if you . . .

  • think being beautiful on the outside is more important than being strong and beautiful on the inside
  • want your self doubt and insecurities to rule your life
  • are not willing to do the work
  • are not ready to self-reflect

The Investment

 $3,000  SOLD OUT
Scholarships & 3 Month Payment Plan Available

Includes 24 hours of group class time, 12 hours of one on one time with founder Renae Peterson, 3 mother-daughter evenings, photoshoot (photos included), nutritional awareness class, graduation celebration, and extra surprises along the way.


Your daughter will receive a lifetime of inner strength, awareness of self and others, understanding her own emotions, confidence and most importantly love for herself!

Why Beautiful Inside Academy?

Our past students are our best ambassadors.  Listen to their 'why'.

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Registration Ends on September 22, 2018 at 6 pm

Scholarship Opportunities

I am very passionate about making this available for all young women to attend. I have amazing sponsors who enable me to provide the additional funding for young women to attend.


Beautiful Inside Academy Founder


The world tells young women that in order to feel good about themselves they need to compare, compete, and be one step ahead of their peers.


I Believe that they need to conquer their own fears and insecurities and live authentically.


I Believe that we need to teach our young women to set boundaries and by doing so, guard their hearts against the people who could use and abuse them.


I Believe that they need to know how to be powerful and loving and that they can also be powerful and loved.