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Renae Peterson

What would your life be like if your teenaged self had been given the gifts of confidence, social empowerment, and a keen self-awareness?

How would your career, relationships and life be different if you had been equipped, early in life, with the skills and mindsets to reach for your dreams and make them come true?

My work centers around giving teen girls the skills they need to thrive in their lives today and to achieve success throughout their lives. The process I’ve honed through years of work with teens takes them beyond the confidence they can gain from activities such as sports or arts, and from doing well in school.

I work with girls who are already successful and help them leverage what they already know and do into something even more incredible. I partner with Moms; together we help your daughters come to know themselves deeply and empower them to become the best version of themselves. 

I love this quote from an American author, Shaun Achor who said: “Happiness is the joy of pursuing your own potential.”  I would love to partner with you to give your daughter that kind of happiness.

“Happiness is the joy of pursuing your own potential.”

– Shaun Achor

Why an Empowerment Coach?

An empowerment coach is not a psychologist, counselor, or crisis coach.  Although there are some similarities – these roles are actually quite different.  The purpose of a coach is to focus on solutions, self-awareness and empowerment, and looking at what is required to fully unleash the potential within an individual.

For example I might work with your daughter to:

  • Be empowered to face bullies and girl drama with strength and grace
  • Understand how to be powerful and loving at the same time
  • Set boundaries in all areas of their lives
  • Respond to romantic relationships without compromising values
  • Successfully face school stress
  • Manage time effectively
  • Utilize the power of gratitude in her life
  • Achieve a healthy body image
  • Identify her values and how to stay true to them
  • Break through self-imposed limiting beliefs
  • Become proactive instead of reactive
  • Identify her gifts, strengths, and dreams
  • Rule her own emotions
  • Let her no be no, and her yes be yes
  • Be okay with having high standards
  • Navigate negative and untrue messages in media and social media
  • Own her truth and become authentically herself
  • Know how to forgive herself and others
  • Be a positive influence in the home with siblings and respectful towards parents
  • Develop resilience through a growth mindset
  • Embrace her leadership potential
  • Be accountable and responsible for her choices

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Is coaching the right kind of support for your daughter?

Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching is for individuals who are generally well emotionally. Teens will have things they are struggling with, because that is normal, and part of regular development. However, for your daughter's time with me to be effective, she should be functioning at a fairly good level, and be open to being challenged to grow.

I was an empowerment coach before it became trendy

Life coaches are in vogue right now. I understand why and believe that these individuals can have a tremendously positive influence in the lives of their clients. At the same time, not all coaches come equally equipped; they don’t all have the same level of experience or skill. When it comes to working with teen girls at this extremely sensitive and important time of their lives, you want to make sure you completely trust the individual that is influencing your daughter, and that the coach has solid qualifications.

My focus is entirely on teen girls, and I have a depth of experience that shows my dedication and expertise in this specific area of coaching.  

I have:

  • Worked with thousands of teen girls in workshops and in one-on-one coaching sessions designed to empower and motivate them during these important years of their lives.
  • Been an empowerment coach for teen girls since 2007, well before the coaching industry became popular. I am not in this business because it’s trendy. I am in this business because it’s my passion. I love working with teen girls and setting them free to reach for their dreams.
  • Worked as a Registered Nurse for the last 15 years. I earned a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Lethbridge, through a model of learning based on coaching, which prepared me for my coaching work. During my studies, I specialized in teen and women physical, emotional and mental health. I understand how the developing brain is impacted by positive beliefs and behavior.
  • Pursued my own work with an empowerment coach and other professionals to ensure the techniques I use with teens are appropriate for their stage of development.
  • Obtained a Cognitive Behavioral Certificate by attending “Medical Cognitive Behavior Therapy” training which is generally offered to physicians only. The instructor was Dr. Greg Dubord, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry through the University of Toronto.
  • Graduate of Mindset Masterclass Levels 1 and 2.
  • Successfully raised two daughters. From personal experience, I understand how much Moms love their daughters, and how challenging it is to raise strong teens in today’s complex world. I have a heart for you and would love to partner with you.
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